Hello Racers!

We’re only two days away from Portland’s favorite (and a little bit famous) annual Rose City SUP Classic!

Pre-registering is the best way to ensure receiving any email announcements from the race organizers. Liking our Facebook page is also a great way to receive race news. https://www.facebook.com/rosecitysup/

Or, just keep reading….

First, let’s talk about our high water situation. In years past we’ve had a plentiful beach from which we could launch our boards, stage before the start and spectate. That is not the case this year. Accessing the river from the park is the same, thru the gate next to our registration/awards area, but because the passage area is especially narrow, we’ll all need to be patient and very careful of other paddlers as we come and go from the water.

The race start this year will be a “water” start, probably sitting or kneeling on our boards until the start horn. The courses themselves will be very similar to past years: the 6+ mile course will go first around Toe Island and then back to the start area for a 180 buoy turn and then around Ross Island in a counter clockwise direction. The 4 mile course will be around Ross Island in a CW direction. The 2 Mile Tour will be out to Toe Island and back. The finish will be a water finish at the floating dock to the south of the start area. We’ll go over all of the course info in detail at the Skippers Meeting at 9:30am. Please be present at this meeting as we reserve the right to make last minute changes.

While the water level is high, the good news is the current is super mellow! Yay! The river is basically backed up due to the high water on the Columbia. There’s no flow with no where to go! The water temperature is still quite cool at 63 degrees (or 17C for our Canadian friends). Not dangerously cold, but extra refreshing! That said, chilly water and a forecasted 10mph wind means wearing a leash is an excellent idea.

We’ll run the races in this order: The 6 milers will go off first, very closely followed by the 4 milers (with only a 2-3 minute gap between). At the conclusion of these two races, we’ll hold the Kid’s Race. We SUPER encourage racers and others to hang out and cheers on our Groms from the water. Immediately following the kid’s race we’ll launch the Two Mile Tour. If any of the 6 or 4 mile racers want to join in the Tour as a nice “cool-down”, feel free!! There’s no additional charge.

THEN, the 4-man Dragon Boards will come out for some serious(ly silly!) sprint races. We’ve got at least one 60+ team, an all women’s team and a team of rock star SUP dudes from Portland. We’d love to see a Hood River team, a Bend maybe a Seattle team?? These boards really move, it’ll be fun to see them in action.

As far as spectating goes, this part is going to be a challenge. The floating dock at the finish line is quite large, but it will have a limit as to how many people it will hold. If you have a SUP, our best advice might be to watch the race from the water!! Or a boat, if that’s an option.

Your lunch on Sunday will be from our friends at The Local Grind Hawaiian Style BBQ. All racers will receive a lunch ticket to redeem for one lunch. They will be selling food as well for family and friends. They’ll be serving from 11:30 to 1:00, so don’t feel pressured to all stand in line at the same time. 🙂

Awards will quickly follow the conclusion of the races and we should be wrapping it all up by 2:00pm.

Please register if you haven’t already. Otherwise, we’ll see you bright and early on Sunday morning!! Whoohoo!!

SUP on!
Gorge Crew